Under the artistic direction of Lígia Teixeira and Ivan Franco STRINGS OF THOUGHT combines choreography and digital art to examine a dialogue with consciousness. Arguments intersect based on moral values, personality, reason and emotion, often resulting in dilemmas that are hard to solve.

In STRINGS OF THOUGHT the body is sustained by a web of thoughts, symbolized by several cables that unite the dancer’s body to different points in space. The cables are also connected to systems which extract data on the cables’ acceleration and use the data to produce a corresponding soundscape.  In this scenic and sonic architecture, the web represents the preconception that affects the movement, and the body itself will try to define the final will. Liza Wade Green provides the text and voiceover for the piece.

STRINGS OF THOUGHT will premiere in July, 2012 at Guimarães, Portugal as part of the 2012 European Capital of Culture. For more information please visit www.ligiateixeira.com


Artistic Direction: Lígia Teixeira and Ivan Franco
Choreography, Dance: Lígia Teixeira
Music, Sound design: Ivan Franco
Light Design: David Palma
Original text and voice-over: Liza Wade Green
Supervision of the Interactive and Technical System: Prof. Caetano Monteiro, Prof. Pedro Branco, Prof. Nelson Zagalo, from University of Minho
Construction of the Interactive and Technical System: Prof. Caetano Monteiro, Pedro Ramôa, Vítor Faria, Vítor Neto from Mechanics Department/UM and Ivan Franco.

Production: Milliways – associação cultural
Co-Production: Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture

Partnership: University of Minho

Project financed by the Portuguese State Secretary of Culture/ DGArtes (Directorate-General for the Arts].


Strings of Thought – Lígia Teixeira | 2012 | collaborations