The IPA in Philly. Sept 2014. FringeArts.

September 30, 2014

On September 6th and 7th 2014, the IPA infiltrated one of the oldest neighborhoods in Philadelphia with two days of sold-out performances of Experiment #39 (Old City).  In collaboration with local performers, artists, community members and businesses, we developed dozens of site specific performances, customized for one audience member at a time. Presented by the Philadelphia FringeArts festival, The IPA was featured on the cover of Philly Weekly and the local press called the piece “ergodic and cathartic.”

Check out the press here:


“You feel like a lab rat in a maze—embrace it. Along the path, mysterious and strange figures lead you to unexpected locales. The IPA has succeeded in creating an ergodic and cathartic theatrical experience with EXPERIMENT #39.”
-Joshua Millhouse, Phindie
(Read full article here.)

“Like LARPing raised to the Nth power”
-Stephen H. Segal, Philly Weekly
(Read full article here.)

“Fringe Festival show promising ‘most unusual walking tour’ delivers.”
-Shai Ben-Yaacov, NPR WHYY NewsWorks Tonight
(Listen and view interactive map here.)

Chosen as one of “The fringiest of the Philly Fringe Festival”
-Howard Shapiro, News Works’ Shapiro on Theater
(Read full article here.)

Read an interview with IPA co-founder Emily Rea in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Those lucky enough to experience Experiment #39, for all its white coats and pseudo-scientific weirdness, wandering through traffic, lust for you and for life, and tourists’ curious looks, got a taste of one of the Fringe Festival’s quintessential opportunities, as tightly plotted and orchestrated as it was sprawling and unexpected.”
-Alaina Mabaso, The Art Blog
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PRELUDE here we come.

September 26, 2013




I’m so thrilled that the Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure is being presented as part of PRELUDE 2013!

The IPA will infiltrate PRELUDE, coaxing audience members out of public spaces and into individual psychogeographic journeys through the Graduate Center and the events of the festival itself. During the IPA’s custom intake process, participants will work with the IPA to create a personalized festival-going adventure.

By appointment only; first come first served. October 2-4, 2013 from 6:30-10pm at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Join the adventure.

Adventures in the Brooklyn Museum…coming Sept 2013

August 19, 2013

BeatLogoMany of you experienced (or at least heard me rambling on about) my crazy thesis project in Dumbo last May. Well my collaborators and I, affectionately known as the Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure, have been invited by the BEAT Festival to create a piece for the Brooklyn Museum on September 19 and 21, 2013. The format’s a bit different (I don’t want to say to much or I’ll risk ruining the surprise) but I’ll just say that I met with some Brooklyn Museum security guards recently and they said we should forget the “psychogeographic” and just call it “psycho.” I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you very much. There’s only a limited number of appointments available here:

click here for more information about EXPERIMENT #23b (BROOKLYN MUSEUM)


Open Engagement – Conference Presentation

April 19, 2013

So excited that Emily Rea and I will be giving a presentation about DIG. at this year’s Open Engagement conference at Portland State University in May 2013. Open Engagement is an international conference that sets out to explore various perspectives on art and social practice and expand the dialogue around socially engaged art making.

DIG, premiered in May 2012, was created by Will Orzo, Emily Rea, and Lígia Teixeira and myself, through an intensive interview process with NYC Sandhogs, MTA engineers, Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment workers, and FDNY explosive experts. The public event, performed onsite at the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn, was a twofold performance installation in which audience members uncovered the invisible infrastructure of New York City by means of interactive video, sound, and movement. The evening began with a dance around the Acconci Studio-designed fountain in the Visitor Center at the plant, featuring PIMA students and members of Local 147 NYC Sandhogs. The experience transitioned into an interactive visual and aural installation exploring the City’s underground. Read more about the project here.

Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure…coming soon

March 26, 2013

IPA_Logo_BlackI’m so thrilled to announce my upcoming collaboration with Andrew Goldberg, Radoslaw Konopka, and Emily Rea – henceforth known as the Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure (IPA). On May 4th and 5th, 2013, the IPA brings EXPERIMENT #17 (DUMBO), an interactive performance adventure for one, to sites all across this historic Brooklyn neighborhood. We’re recruiting dozens of performers, local businesses, merchants, and residents to activate spaces, from the unusual to the everyday, and create a mind-blowing adventure for one audience member at a time. Appointments open April 10, 2013.

Visit the IPA website:

Donate to our IndieGoGo campaign:

Follow us on Twitter: @InstPsychAdv

Join the adventure.

185 Seconds is back.

October 19, 2012


Come to the Brooklyn Lyceum for 3 brand new episodes of 185 Seconds, Nov 2, 9, and 16 at 10pm. Come to one, two, or all three for late-night variety show mayhem. This is live public access performance. This is 185 Seconds.

Click here for more INFORMATION

And click here for INSPIRATION

So excited for D.I.G. – May 19, 2012

May 8, 2012

My next project has taken me several hundred feet below Manhattan’s surface and back up to a wastewater treatment plant. Down in the Ground (D.I.G) is a dance and interactive installation created by Liza Wade Green, Will Orzo, Emily Rea and Ligia Teixeira in collaboration with the subterranean workers of NYC: the Local 147 Sandhogs, MTA Engineers, DEP Wastewater workers, and FDNY Explosives Experts.
Since January, my collaborators and I have been uncovering the invisible infrastructure of New York City and developing relationships with workers who spend their lives underground. From the MTA’s new construction projects to Water Tunnel No. 3, NYC extends far below the sidewalk and it’s the people who create and maintain this hidden world that helped us to develop this work which includes a dance performance (featuring many NYC Sandhogs!) and an interactive sound and video installation.

Down In the Ground (D.I.G.) – Saturday, May 19 at 7pm
At the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Visitors Center, 329 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


August 30, 2011


Here’s some reviews and interviews from the HILL HOUSE MINE premiere in August 2011:

Review of Hill House Mine in the LA Weekly

Interview with Liza Wade Green and Janice Gomez on GYST Radio

Interview with Liza Wade Green in Culture Pop

Kickstarter campaign for HILL HOUSE MINE

July 5, 2011